Friday, December 26, 2008

Candace's Birthday Party

Candace and her Cakes (Peter picked them out)

We just got back from Northern Cyprus, and we know some of you want to hear about that, but first we wanted to share some more time-sensitive things. This first post is really just an easy way to share some pictures with our family.

Just before we left for Cyprus last Saturday, Candace had a birthday party (her 32nd) on Thursday up on the rooftop terrace of our building. Several friends from the Fulbright program came, as well as Marco and Karen (our friends from the State Department), and a few other people that we have met since coming to Istanbul. And of course most of the Fellows were there as well. It was cold but fun! We only have a few photos, but here they are:

Us with our friends Volkan and Janset (Mom and Dad will recognize Volkan!)

Us again, with Candace in the cute hat and gloves Volkan and Janset gave her as a gift.

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Anonymous said...


Dear Candy, Thanks for sharing your birthday cake with us. ---pictures, I mean. I'm glad you got a really warm hat and gloves. They and you are lovely. Good friends are so important and it is fun to share with each other.

love you, nonnie