Monday, November 17, 2008

Göbekli Tepe in Smithsonian

We have received several emails from various family members informing us that this month's Smithsonian magazine has an article on Göbekli Tepe, one of the sites we reported on from our trip to Southeastern Turkey (note: we will be posting the final installment of that journey soon!). We thought some of you might want to check it out. If you don't subscribe and don't want to buy it, you can see the photos and some of the text at:

One bonus of going to the website is that one of the top stories on the website this month is an excerpt from the book "Loot" by Sharon Waxman, which is the book that some of you know Candace was working on as the author's research assistant for the last 6 months or so before leaving LA. When you go to the website, one of four possible pictures will pop up, linked to an article. One of them is Sharon' s story. If it doesn't pop up, click on the numbers "2" below the picture until you see the image of a golden brooch, then click on the picture itself to read the excerpt -- which is about Turkey, appropriately enough.

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Anonymous said...

candy, Thanks for the note. We were excited to see the same pictures in the Nov. Smithsonian Mag. At first I overlooked the picture of the hand but then caught it on the 'content' page. I didn't realize Urfa was sush a big city. Too much to see in a few hours. Look for the next item..